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KWEL 4 Inch Net Pot Hydroponic/Aquaponic/Plant Sapling Net Pot (Pack of 25)

KWEL 4 Inch Net Pot Hydroponic/Aquaponic/Plant Sapling Net Pot (Pack of 25)

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  • 🌻 Material - UV-RESISTANT NON-TOXIC, BPA Free Food Grade material to keep your plants safe and healthy.
  • 🌻 Colour- Black, Diameter- 3 inches, Numerous narrow slits for optimum root growth.
  • 🌻 Designed to endure extreme expansion caused by root growth of the plants.
  • 🌻 WIDE LIP DESIGN makes it easy to place on any 3 inch grow spot and has more surface area to grab and transport plants or quickly lift & view the roots.

Kwel hydroponic orchid pots that provides proper drainage to encourage healthy root development and a tapered bottom for easy fitting or removal of plants or pots.The net pots allow water to drain through, so you can use them with your favorite drip or watering system. No pick-up service offered for returns. Allows quick drying of media for orchid application. Provides unimpeded water flow for hydroponics application. Hydroponic cup uses - are used to anchor the plants in the system. They can be used with or without a grow medium. The rate of water and nutrient element uptake is improved while using our orchid planter, resulting in perfect aerobic conditions for healthy root development.

It allows the roots to grow bigger, healthier and ensures drainage and proper aeration. Due to their high tensile strength these net pots can endure multiple harvests worth can still be ready to go after every harvest. These net pots have been designed by us and our also our own custom moulded component so as to ensure the utmost quality that can be provided to the responsible and aware consumer. All Products are made in India. The net pots are ideal to grow small plants that do not grow taller. The nets provide greater circulation to the root zone, which prunes the root structure and prevents circling. Slotted pots may efficiently guide lateral roots to develop better and distribute equally. Orchids cultivated as houseplants generally require a lot of light. With our orchid planter your orchids get all the light they need to grow.

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