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KWEL Bio Organic Manure Enrich Soil & Plant Health

KWEL Bio Organic Manure Enrich Soil & Plant Health

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  • 🌱 This is a 100% organic manure which is capable of providing the required vital nutrients to the plants.
  • 🌱 It contains organic manure, oil cakes, Vermicompost and Beneficial Micro organisms.
  • 🌱 So improves the soil quality and its fertility. It also increases the water holding capacity of the soil and avoids the threat of pests and diseases.
  • 🌱 It is available in a 1 kg pack which is sufficient for a home garden.
  • 🌱 This product is ideal for your plants in lawns, yards, home gardens, bins, containers, pots, indoor plants and farm beds.
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