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KWEL Foam Sprayer Multi Purpose (3in1) Heavy Duty for Car Wash with 500ml Car foam wash 1

KWEL Foam Sprayer Multi Purpose (3in1) Heavy Duty for Car Wash with 500ml Car foam wash 1

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  • Smooth Assist
  • 3 In 1 Sprayer - Foam, Mist & Jet Spray.
  • The sprayer comes with 2 nozzle i.e., foam & water nozzle. Foam Nozzle - For Car Wash, Bike Wash etc Water Nozzle - For Gardening, Watering the plants, Sanitization, Disinfecting the surfaces, Cleaning etc.
  • Water Nozzle has a dual flow mode- Jet & Mist Flow.
  • Rotate the water nozzle to change the flow style.
  • Made of heavy duty rigid auto grade polymer.

Technical Details


Portable & Multi-Purpose Pressure Garden Sprayer The universal sprayer with pump function can satisfy your daily use. It is very suitable for spraying water or other liquids in household cleaning, spraying weeds, curing plants and flowers, misting vegetables, and moisturizing flowers. This product is practical by adjusting the rotating brass nozzle, water spray can be controlled. When giving the plants water, the brass nozzle can be looser, and drops of water can become larger; the nozzle is tightened, and spray water turns into a mist. This product is suitable for hotels, greenhouses, warehousing, planting, flowers, bonsai, nurseries, and vegetables, can be used for all kinds of perfume, cleaning agents, spray washing agents in living rooms and public places, also can be used for cleaning the furniture, glasses, cars and ironing clothing. In a word, it is widely used in various aspects and it is a good tool for the modern family to use.


Multipurpose usage, refill reusable Shape: Round. You can only pack some travel accessories spray bottles in your luggage or purse for your travel and business trips rather than a big bottle of your skincare. You can use them for different purposes. Cleaning & Disinfecting. This refillable spray bottle contains zero poisonous making sure no hazards seep into your products. Each mist fine bottle in this product pack is durable and reusable. Remember to clean it after the first time using it and store it well. Give your beloved plants a spray and some extra moisture. You can adjust the spray to fit your needs. Use the soft spray for your seedlings or the stronger one to spray away dust and dirt. ur bottles are made from food-grade material, which offers a perfect mix of transparent material and strength. They're BPA and latex-free and are great for massage oil and lotion.


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  • ISO Certified

  • Superior Build Quality

  • User Friendly Interface

  • Ergonomic Designs

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